A Portable Mentor by Priscilla Long

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable mentor–someone who was always there to encourage and assist you no matter what you do?    I am just a writing novice.  I know I could use a writing mentor, even on my best days.   As a novice I am constantly searching for good books on the topic of writing.  Currently I am reading The Writer’s Portable Mentor, by Priscilla Long.

This is not a book that requires difficult searches to flesh out the good stuff.  It is filled with good stuff.  It covers everything from writing everyday, to getting your work out and into the world.  Whether you are writing a searing romance novel or a scientific article you will find good advice in this book.

Ms Long even covers proper use of the English  language in an easy friendly manner–not like my old-fashioned high school grammar teacher.  And she provides numerous examples throughout the book that  clarify and inspire.

Every chapter is filled with exercises that will encourage any  writer to venture out of their comfort zone.  Now that I  have nearly finished reading the book from cover to cover, I look forward to going back, rereading it and doing the exercises with each chapter.  You may eventually see the results of some of those exercises here on my blog.

(Note:  I do not know Ms Long and although I have met some of the others  I have reviewed on this blog, I do not receive any compensation for the reviews.  I share my thoughts to inspire others that are trying to be the best writers they can  be.)

For more information about Ms Long her web site is


This weeks three words for Three Word Wednesday were naive, flesh and sear.



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