Write Your Own Script

When I don’t write I feel a sense of restlessness, perhaps even anxiety. I can forego my writing for a day or two but any longer and I know that my writing is going to suffer. It is much more difficult to start writing when my creative process has been interrupted.

When I write everyday it is as if everything I do or see or feel generates an idea that I might write about. It might be my neighbor walking her dog. One time I wrote an entire piece about women that I think are sassy, classy and over 65. It was prompted by the sight of Shirley taking her dogs on their daily walk.

Last year I wrote a short story about a boy delivering newspapers and his reaction to the neighborhood witch. It was inspired because I was up early enough to see my morning newspaper delivered; and my paper isn’t even delivered by a boy on a bike. It’s delivered by a man in a car.

Yesterday I watched a little boy in a restaurant. I wondered why it is that if a chair has open arms little boys have to turn sideways and stick their legs between the arm and the seat. I know there is a story in there somewhere. I also watched a man pulling the shirt he wore forward so that he and his companion could read the label inside. I immediately wondered how I could use that in a story.

Before I started writing on a regular basis, my husband and I used to play write your own script when we traveled. It was a game where we would see someone doing something along the way. We would immediately make up a story about what we thought was happening. Little did I know that I would eventually find myself writing my own script about nearly every sight I saw, every smell I sensed, every sound I heard and every touch I felt.

When I write every day I live my life more fully. I am more aware of everything that goes on around me. Happy New Year…and write your own script.


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