The Short Business E-mail (270)

Today the short business e-mail has replaced the memo of past generations.    Things have not improved much since the hand written MEMO forms of yesteryear.   Today’s messages aren’t smudged from the carbon backing and they aren’t handwritten, but they still arrive making little sense or none at all.  And the senders seem to have no filters.  They send personal messages within business correspondence.  I receive these short emails from businesses, charitable boards, hobby associations and even government entities.’

 A memo-type email should be short, well written and contain useful information.  A well written message saves time, reduces misunderstandings and makes a good impression.  It should be sent only to people who need the information.  Make sure that the recipient knows both the name of the person sending the message and the organization involved.  When sending the message to multiple recipients respect their privacy.  Use the blind carbon copy (BCC).

 Choose your words and your tone carefully.  What seems funny when you are face to face with another may come across as rude, silly or disrespectful in an email.  Make certain that the acronyms that you use are appropriate for the recipient.   

 Keep business emails professional.  Don’t use your business email for personal messages.  Do you really want the boss to know that you and Max went out for drinks four times last week?

 Before you hit that “SEND” button, reread the message out loud. Check spelling and grammar. Re-check the recipient  field because nothing is worse than sending a message to the wrong person.

This post originally started out as almost 900 words.  I have rewritten it to fit               J. T. Weaver’s challenge to write a post using 270 words or less.  

11 thoughts on “The Short Business E-mail (270)

  1. Well done. I didn’t pick it up right away because you tagged it “270” instead of “the 270.” WP is very specific about tag names. I’m surprised and delighted at the number of people who are trying this challenge. The number of posts in the tag topic “the 270” is growing fast. I’ll re-blog this in a couple of days. Well done.

      • I’m starting to think ahead now that I’m getting the hang of this. I’m not going to do 270 forever, so what is my writing going to be like when I go back to 1000 words? Will I fall back into those bad habits or will I still use this compacted style? It will be interesting to see. If I get too loose, I can always go back to the 270 to tighten things up I guess.

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