Character development–The City Council

I have been playing with character development for a short story.  I decided to use the three words today as part of the introduction to the characters.  The three words are:  false, sallow and illustrate.

The media portrays the city council of Angel Port as an elite group.  The mayor, Dan Defru, is a retired attorney from a large Seattle firm that  served as a state senator in his youth.  He moved to Angel Port to enjoy his retirement years.   According to all media accounts he ran for city council from a desire to serve his new community and use his mediation skills to make this resort town an elite destination spot.  He is an imposing figure that stands six feet two and has just enough gray hair to look distinguished.  His custom tailored suits and Oliver Sweeney Wingtips add the finishing touches.  His speeches are emotional and convincing.

Molly Rindly has served longer than any other council member.  She is on her third term.  Prior to moving to Angel Port she was a news commentator on a Seattle TV news program.  Although nearly 70, she still has the appearance of a TV personality.  Her long blonde hair is highlighted and styled weekly.  She wears Channel suits and knee-high boots all winter long. In the summer months her stylish dresses are often the talk of the town.  Her false eyelashes give her the look of a big-eyed doe.  She is a staunch environmentalist and often charges the council meetings with her forceful rhetoric.  She is loved by the media and always available for a photo-op.

This is Martha Bookman’s second term.  She retired from the local library shortly before the last election.  She had worked for nearly thirty years as a researcher for the community.  She prides herself on being able to find any piece of information that is requested.  The community believes that her ability to be objective is an undeniable asset to the council.    Martha isn’t a fashion icon, but she has a classic style that melds well with the appearance of Dan and Molly.  The local newspaper said that “her willingness to learn all aspects of city operation illustrates her devotion to the community.”

Patsy Allen is the newest member of the group.  She started her term six months ago.  She is a bit of a misfit for the group.  She raised six children.  All have left the safety of home, and now Patsy is trying to figure out who she is and what is important to her.  Her sallow skin and naturally graying hair further separate her from the rest of the council.  She was encouraged to run by a faction of the community that wanted change.

Dan is good friends with the newspaper editor.  The paper nearly always puts a positive spin on anything published about the city council.  The City Staff however refer to the Council as “Dapper Dan and his Merry Maidens.”


Summers Over–Now It’s Time to Return to Writing

Summer is over.  Rain has returned to the Pacific Northwest.  I am excited about returning to my daily writing schedule.  I was distracted this fall because I had set a goal of walking–before the rains returned–from Port Angeles to Sequim.  We walked along the Olympic Discovery Trail.  I not only made the  trek (in walks of 4 to 8 miles at a time), my walking partner and I made it all the way to Blyn and back again.  I am sincerely grateful for my walking buddy.  Without her I am sure I would not have accomplished this goal. She kept me company, amused me and inspired me.

Now I am back online and looking forward to the inspiration that I get from all of you.

(Three word Wednesday: amuse, excite, sincere.)