Quiet Time

Recently I have realized that it is nearly impossible for me to write anything of substance if I fail to allow for some quiet time in my life.  It is too easy to allow the pressures of everyday life to interfere.  Then I beat myself up for not writing anything worthwhile.

Lately I have used all of the excuses available.  Now it is time to regroup.  Today I am just thinking about what motivates me, what inspires me and what keeps my creative energy in high gear.  I know that I do my most meaningful writing early in the morning.  I know that if I get up and write first thing every day that my writing goes more smoothly.  What I don’t know is why it is so easy to let other meaningless chores fill up my creative time. (Is it procrastination?  Fear?)

When I write every day I produce higher quality work.  I guess it is like anything we desire to do well.  Practice makes us better.  My writing was going well.  I wrote nearly every day and was excited about the results.  Then we traveled for three weeks and I lost my momentum.  (That is really just an excuse, isn’t it?)

In the past I have often walked by myself.  There is something special about the quiet time outdoors as I wander along a trail, or walk through my neighborhood alone.  It doesn’t mean that I need to always walk alone.  There is great joy in sharing a trail with a friend.  I have done that many times this summer.  However, I need to walk more than twice a week.  And I need to do some of that additional walking alone.

When I walk alone I am aware of all the sights and sounds around me.  I constantly write in my head as I walk.  I notice everything that is in bloom.  I hear the birds and see the critters along the way.  I look at the sky and think about the many shades of blues and grays above me; and my mind conjures up ideas I wouldn’t have thought about if I had not been alone.

And sometimes what I need most is to sit quietly, to listen to my inner voice, to give my muse time to be heard.  Perhaps that is what I really need today.

[Written for Three Word Wednesday: beat, pressure, substance.]



9 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Observing is a great stimulus to writing but you do so need a notebook handy to write things down. Sure as eggs if a thought comes to me it will have vanished by the time I get home! Inner voices are good too but I am particularly inspired by the natural world. Thanks for your visit to me.

  2. So now you know this is part of your personal writing experience. You know more about what works for you. Now it’s just a matter of putting it to use.

    As to vacations messing with your stride – it happens to me, too.

  3. Two kids at home … Three dogs… Work full time…. What is this ‘quiet time’ you speak off? 🙂 I think that is why I rely so heavily on prompts right now, so little time for observing

  4. I think you know how to activate your muse. You just have to make yourself DO it. I agree that if a person writes every day she produces better work….or at least has a better chance of producing good work. Walking helps me as well. I become a better observer when I walk in my environment and really pay attention to my environment. I appreciated your heart-felt write.

  5. I find driving to be where my mind chooses to kick into high gear. of course as you expressed her it could have to do with me having alone time. I hit a dry spell awhile back, only really found my way back recently–had to trick myself into it, because it’s too easy to let things get in the way.

    good luck!

  6. It is hard to get back into writing if you take a break..but sometimes stepping back gives something new to look at..maybe it’s something not to be worried over..when the words come they come..even a shopping list holds a story..jae

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