Quiet Time

Recently I have realized that it is nearly impossible for me to write anything of substance if I fail to allow for some quiet time in my life.  It is too easy to allow the pressures of everyday life to interfere.  Then I beat myself up for not writing anything worthwhile.

Lately I have used all of the excuses available.  Now it is time to regroup.  Today I am just thinking about what motivates me, what inspires me and what keeps my creative energy in high gear.  I know that I do my most meaningful writing early in the morning.  I know that if I get up and write first thing every day that my writing goes more smoothly.  What I don’t know is why it is so easy to let other meaningless chores fill up my creative time. (Is it procrastination?  Fear?)

When I write every day I produce higher quality work.  I guess it is like anything we desire to do well.  Practice makes us better.  My writing was going well.  I wrote nearly every day and was excited about the results.  Then we traveled for three weeks and I lost my momentum.  (That is really just an excuse, isn’t it?)

In the past I have often walked by myself.  There is something special about the quiet time outdoors as I wander along a trail, or walk through my neighborhood alone.  It doesn’t mean that I need to always walk alone.  There is great joy in sharing a trail with a friend.  I have done that many times this summer.  However, I need to walk more than twice a week.  And I need to do some of that additional walking alone.

When I walk alone I am aware of all the sights and sounds around me.  I constantly write in my head as I walk.  I notice everything that is in bloom.  I hear the birds and see the critters along the way.  I look at the sky and think about the many shades of blues and grays above me; and my mind conjures up ideas I wouldn’t have thought about if I had not been alone.

And sometimes what I need most is to sit quietly, to listen to my inner voice, to give my muse time to be heard.  Perhaps that is what I really need today.

[Written for Three Word Wednesday: beat, pressure, substance.]



A Morning Walk

Lake Cresecent

It is impossible to walk in the woods or along a lake without emotion.

And even if you miss a step and falter

You are touched by the miracle of creation.

The trail to Lake Crescent Lodge

Along the lake and through the woods-

Quiet surrounds me-

Rushing waterfall ahead.

Three word Wednesday–emotion, falter, touch.