Crossword Puzzles and Writers

I am not good at crossword puzzles.  I do them but I am not good at it.  For years I didn’t allow myself time to enjoy the challenge and it seems to me the strategy necessary to complete them has changed.  The clues are seeking phrases and pop stars and television personalities, not single words.  I haven’t quite wrapped my head around thinking that way, but as a writer I really should.

When the clue is bulky, of course the answer is big and clumsy, but when the clues asks for a rapper or a modern tune a mist obscures my thought processes and I just want to move on.  However, I am not ready to resign from the challenge.  I find crossword puzzles a terrific way to draw me into the present because I will probably look up that rapper on the internet to find out just who he is.  And when I come across a phrase for the word bulky, I add it to the little journal of words I collect for future use.

Crossword puzzles also expand my thinking, introduce me to times and events I may not be aware of and the clues from today’s puzzle just might provide the inspiration for the next piece I write.

(Written for Three Word Wednesday:  bulky, mist, resign).



4 thoughts on “Crossword Puzzles and Writers

  1. I adore crosswords. I’ve done them for as long as I can remember and will do them for as long as I can pick up a pen. They stimulate my mind to remember words I have stored and forgotten and, like you, make me find out about the words I do not know. Great piece.

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