Pick Your Partner Carefully

If you plan to write, pick your partner carefully.

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have spent the past week at a series of writing workshops and presentations. My mind has been totally consumed with all things writing.  Early this morning I was lost in the meditative state that often occurs before I am ready to admit that I am awake.  Since I started writing I have discovered that my body reacts to this time of day differently than it did in the past.  I may be aware of what is going on in the house, but my mind will be exploring a vast array of other possibilities.  My body simply does not get up.  I stay there, mentally transported where ever my mental agenda has taken me.

When I get up, I usually feel this urgency to grab pen and paper and get the thoughts written before I lose them.  This morning was one of those days.  I walked into the kitchen, poured myself a cup a coffee, poured my spouse a cup of coffee and said, “Don’t say anything to me.”  He just smiled and nodded.  He knew immediately what I would do next.

I like the feel of pen to paper.  Although about ninety percent of what I write I write on a computer, I love that early morning time of day, when I sit in a comfortable chair, with journal in my lap, and write whatever is on my mind.

I seldom use this time for structured writing.  It is the time of day when I free my thoughts of all the strange and wonderful ideas germinating in my head.  Often all I need is ten or fifteen minutes and then I can say—

“Good morning, Dear.”

Pick your partner carefully so that no matter when your creative time of day arrives, you have the support you need to say “Don’t say anything to me,” and to know that it is okay.



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