About Learning to Write with Persun and Wingate

I am still on a mission to improve my writing.  This past weekend I attended a writing workshop at the Writers’ Workshoppe in Port Townsend, Washington.  First–the shop itself.  If you have missed this shop, you have missed a real jewel.  It is a place for writers–would-be-writers, wan-a-be-writers or whatever it is you call yourself.  It has something for you no matter what level of writing you have achieved. It has the best books for improving your craft.  It has space to write.  It is comfortable and friendly.  It hosts lots of writing workshops.   For more information check out their website at


The workshop I attended was Write Award Winning Fiction with Terry Persun and Susan Wingate.  These two have very different writing styles, therefore they give you options.  We learned to structure a novel using Wingate’s very structured method and using Persun’s more organic method.  We were introduced to character development, scene setting and how to effectively use narration.  They teach with humor, exercises and examples.  They are fun, witty and informative.  To learn more about these two authors their websites are:



For information about whether you can work on more than one piece of writing at a time check out Terry’s December 1, 2011 blog.     http://terrypersun.blogspot.com/

To see how Susan describes this workshop check out her April 21, blog. 


I’d love to know what you are all writing.

If you would like to accomplish something, you must first expect it of yourself. —Unknown


3 thoughts on “About Learning to Write with Persun and Wingate

    • Ack! You’re not Carol, are you!? LOL. So sorry Mary Ann. But, thank you so much for posting this on your blog. I linked to it on mine. Found you using WordPress “Related Articles”. 🙂

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