Carol Cassella–Writer in Residence

It has been my privilege to attend the Writer in Residence events at our local community college this week.   The featured author is Carol Cassella, author of Oxygen and Healer.   Both Oxygen and Healer were selected as Indie Best Picks; Oxygen in 2008, and Healer in 2010.

In addition to the public programs that she has presented  this week she has provided programs to medical and literary students and staff at the college.  I was fortunate to be selected as one of the participants in a writer’s workshop that she conducted.

Prior to the workshop Dr. Cassella took time from a busy schedule to read and make written comments on the manuscripts we submitted before Tuesday’s session..  I was amazed at how generous she was with her time and talent.  She spent one-on-one time with each of the twelve participants; sharing thoughts for improvement, lots of praise for the work we had done and encouraging us to continue writing.  She also willingly answered additional questions about my submission which I asked her after one of her community presentations.

If you haven’t read Dr. Cassella’s novels, I encourage you to get copies.  As a practicing anesthesiologist she has insight to both the practice and the business of medicine that help her weave a realistic journey through a doctor’s life.  She writes books that have original scenarios, engaging stories and provide us with additional knowledge about the world we live in.

For more about Dr. Cassella her web site is



2 thoughts on “Carol Cassella–Writer in Residence

  1. What a very kind blog entry. I loved my week at Peninsula College and was amazed at the energy, talent and enthusiasm of the students and faculty. I believe I got back more than I gave!

    • Carole, How kind of you to take time to comment on my blog. I know your schedule is very full. This weekend I am taking a writing workshop in Port Townsend with Terry Persun and Susan Wingate. they are very interesting people with very different approaches to writing. It is fun to see the two approaches to structure side by side.

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