Three Word Wednesday–Writers-in-Residence

I am just an amateur, but I am trying to be diligent and learn along the way.  Today I found out that I am going to have another opportunity to nurture my writing habit because the manuscript I submitted was selected and I will be one of the attendees at a writers-in-residence workshop in April.


Some of What I Learned from Aaron & Charlotte Elkins

If you ever get a chance to go to a reading and book signing hosted for Aaron and Charlotte Elkins, by all means go.  It was my pleasure to attend a program held at our library introducing their newest book A Dangerous Talent.  Aaron Elkin is well-known for his Gideon Oliver mysteries.  Charlotte wrote several romance novels under the pseudonym of Emily Spencer.  The current book is one of seven written by the couple as a collaborative effort.  They say that they like to write books that are enjoyable and books that allow us to learn a little something along the way.  It is clear when you listen to them that they enjoy the process of learning a little something themselves as they do the research for their books .

Listening to them read is enjoyable, but it is equally fascinating to hear them discuss their collaborations and their insights into the publishing industry.  Some of the things I learned tonight that I want to remember include the following:

  •  For collaboration to work, one of the authors has to be able to set their ego aside and not be so attached to their writing that they can’t let go of control.
  • You have to make your reader care about your character even if he is dead.
  • Print on demand technology is changing how willing publishing companies are to return all rights of a book to the author.  This could have a large impact on what the author can do with the material when the books are no longer printed.  Since they can be printed on demand, they may technically never be considered out of print.
  • The publishing companies used to refer to advance copies of books as galleys.  Today they are commonly referred to as ARC or advanced readers copies.

There is nothing earthshaking here, but I have been away from my blog for a while and I just thought I would share with you my thoughts today.