The Ski Mishap

It was a freak accident that had sent me spiraling downhill; leaving only a sliver of my ski visible above the snow. A large doe had crossed the trail in front of me and I lost control.  The edge of the ski sliced my flesh like a razor and left my arm spurting blood into the cavern my body had created.

I struggled. The blood was rushing to my head and I felt as if I were totally upside down.  Wet and slimy blood dripped down my arm and onto my face.  I wasn’t sure from where the blood came, but my arm stung and my face was beginning to numb.  The more I struggled the weaker I got.

I gasped.  The snow was suffocating me.

(That is as far as I am going to go.  Please feel free to finish this 3WW story any way you like. Three word Wednesday words:  control, flesh and razor.)